Wake Up in Beast Mode with 2Beltz + Her Sweat.’s Workout Playlist



Fire playlists are essential to even hotter workouts. Rhythmic jams like Rihanna’s “Work” can turn your exercise mat into the dance floor while go-hard anthems like Kanye West’s “Monster” or Big Sean’s “Bounce Back” can help push you past your last rep or make you haul ass to the weight room.

In tandem with the good fellas of 2Beltz, team her sweat. helped curate a playlist ideal for body parties, specifically the ones that require a gym date. Pulled from both Adelle and Niki’s real-life workout soundtracks, chunes from Drake, Gucci Mane, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Future, The Weeknd and others give more life to the playlist.  

Sweat it out with our 22-track Apple Music set here.


Then, run back the latest episode of 2Beltz below.

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