5 Podcasts to Play During Your Sweat Session



Setting the mood for a quality workout takes time. Between picking the right playlist and choosing an indoor gym or fresh air, sweat session prep is important. But music isn’t always the right vibe for a quality sweat sesh. Ask anyone: some days, you just need the sounds of life advice or the noise of pop culture chatter instead of blaring “Bad and Boujee” (a #hersweatJAM, by the way).

That’s where podcasts come into play.

From sports to wellness, digital audio shows come in a variety of topics that cater to any interest. As you get active, soak up NBA All-Star news or learn new tips for mindfulness. There are tons of poddies to choose from, but here a few of her sweat.‘s faves that you should check out now during your next 90-minute workout.

For entrepreneurs:

All the books, gems and tips you’ll need to achieve girl boss success.

For basketball and pop culture junkies:

Who doesn’t want to hear Jesse Williams talk basketball? 

For general girl talk:

An audio groupchat about boys, politics and Twitter memes. No GIFs needed. 

For sex enthusiasts:

Exercise is an aphrodisiac anyway, right?

For nutrition lovers:

Where humor and healthy food talk meet. 

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