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From the moment we wake up, we’re inundated with all the energy buzzing around us. Whether it’s a social media shit-storm surrounding Kehlani or the 20 work emails you missed while catching Z’s, life comes at you fast before you can wipe the crust from your eyes. Constantly vibing with the world around us isn’t a bad thing, though. To keep the negative bullshit at bay, balance the energies you feed into by creating a forcefield of good vibes. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Find your zen first thing in the morning. After your alarm sounds off, center yourself for the first hour. Before charging into the world’s mixed bag of energies, stay quiet and drown out the white noise with exercise or meditation. Once your Om is on fleek, no one can shake your positive energy.

2. Skip social media. Can’t always pull away from tweets zooming down your TL? At least take some mental breaks. Social media can sway your mood with one insensitive, 140-character update, so only carve out pockets of time to engage. In my case, I give myself an hour max in the a.m., then it’s back to living IRL.

3. Ditch your group chats before 10 a.m. I love my friends but they love making my hotline bling about nothing at eight a.m. Flip the switch to DND as you start your day. That way, you won’t be forced to care about Chris Brown’s latest rant before your morning coffee.

4. Squeeze in some midday alone time. The world would be a wonderful place if no one talked to us at work, but that’s never the case. Between meetings and face-to-face time with coworkers, disconnect and chill somewhere solo. Whether you take your lunch break alone or tune out the world with Ella Mai’s Time EP, make sure you find time to reset your vibes before taking on the world again.

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