A.M. Ambition: Become A Class Act



ClassPass founder Payal Kadakia has created a home for gym junkies with diverse interests. The subscription-based service, which varies by city and ranges from $79 to $125 a month for unlimited classes, saw users book more than 10 million hours of classes last year. Now, the startup (launched in 2013) is valued at a whooping $400 million and is available in 39 cities across the globe.

Kadakia flipped the familiar feeling of gymtimidation into a fun buffet of sweat sessions for workout buffs of all levels. She tells Business Insider“I didn’t know if the classes I was finding online were the right level for me, if they had the right teachers, or if I had even brought the right clothes with me — and all that intimidation sort of made me not go.”

Now, the dancer and former varsity cheerleading squad captain makes it a priority to work out daily. “I work out once a day — it’s built into my ethos,” said Kadakia. “Even on the weekends, my fiancé and I plan the day around when we’re going to work out. It’s not that it’s optional. It’s about making it a priority.”

Pro-tip: Instead of letting the mental anxiety of preparing to hit the gym block you from flourishing, switch up your itinerary by incorporating classes that are tailored to your interests. Fan of getting in formation? Book a twerkout fitness class. Want to get limber? Grab an Xtend Barre class. The world is yours when working out doesn’t feel like work at all.

Photo Credit: Business Insider/ Sarah Jacobs

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