A.M. Ambition: Run the World


Not all girl bosses suit up in designer dresses to be taken seriously these days. Since sweatpants have reached Louboutin levels of sexy, on-the-go women are wearing bombers, track pants and Puma trainers everywhere, from the boardroom to brunch.

Fitness phenom and DJ, Hannah Bronfman, took a break from fit-perfect pics to discuss the growing popularity of cozy clothes for PopSugar fit-fab video series, Hannahgram. Chatting with chef-cum-girl boss, Eden Grinshpan, and PopSugar Style Director, Meg Cuna, the HBFit girl debunked fitness fashion misconceptions and dubbed athleisure “the uniform for a girl who’s trying to run the world.”

CEOs, execs and pop culture icons alike have embraced the SoCo-born fashion trend, making comfort king for queenly women. The reason athleisure remains must-wear trend is simple: It’s a fashionable answer to juggling work, commuting, families and fitting in sweat sessions, says Cuna. “Athleisure is a slow response to a lifestyle that’s been building.”

All in all, cozy girls reign supreme. Elevate your relaxed look with a red lip like Bronfman or incorporate a sleek, polished hairstyle to keep the gym-ready style from being too dull. Never feel ashamed to run the world (and your errands) with style and comfort.

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