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Cassie Ventura was never not a woman to watch. Though she’s been lowkey in public, albeit dropping bombshell selfies that’d make Kim K. blush, she has carefully cultivated a lifestyle regimen that keeps her busy modeling schedule from overtaking her peace of mind.

She’s currently racking up frequent flight mileage on a press tour for The Perfect Match, where she stars alongside former E! News host-cum-movie producer, Terrence J. Her personal trainer, Gunnar Peterson, emphasizes the importance of eating well and getting rest while on the road. Yet, Cassie also discovered a key game-changer for her mental well-being: a moment of quiet time.

“I like to spend time with myself,” she tells The Coveteur. “Last night after the screening, my family was here and I was taking on so much energy throughout the day with interviews and everything. Everybody left my room, and I just turned off the lights and sat by the window and meditated—just to keep my sanity.”

Even for gym junkies and those catching a full eight hours of Z’s each night, a cozy, a quiet corner can help you recharge between meetings or hit reset on a hectic day. Don’t worry — it’s cool to turn up and get lit when the time’s right but don’t underestimate the power of sitting with your own thoughts.

Photo Credit: The Coveteur/Erik Tanner 

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