A.M. Ambition: Go For G.O.A.T.


U.S. Women’s National soccer team mid-fielder Carli Lloyd may have received global praise after her hat trick — she scored three consecutive goals in 16 minutes, the fastest feat in World Cup history by any man or woman — at the 2015 World Cup against Japan, but it has taken her 13 years of hard work to score the recognition she deserves.

“I have scored some big-time goals,” Lloyd recently told ESPN. “I’ve done well in Algarve Cups. I’ve done well in World Cup and Olympic qualifiers, Olympics. In big games when we’re playing top-five teams. But yet you never see my face or my name out there. And it has frustrated me my entire career.”

Still, the under-appreciation hasn’t kept the New Jersey native, 33, from going for gold — she’s a two-time Olympic gold medalist and FIFA Women’s World Cup champ who will also be bringing her A-Game to the 2016 World Olympics in Rio.

While she has yet to pose for a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and probably won’t (“That’ll just ruin my reputation right off the bat,” she offers), her main priority is achieving a status that any rookie or hardworking athlete-in-the-making can appreciate. “I want to be known as the best center midfielder that has ever played this game,” she said.

Photo Credit: ESPN

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