A.M. Ambition: Set A Foundation



Despite the title of her viral channel My Drunk Kitchen, YouTube guru Hannah Hart actually maintains a simple and clean diet. Whether it’s breaking the fast with instant oatmeal and chopped bananas and turkey wraps for lunch, her eating habits complement her jet-setting lifestyle. Hart even keeps it low key when it comes to her work out schedule.

“[At the gym], I’m not doing anything crazy,” she recently told Elle. “I just go on the elliptical. If I can get on the elliptical for 20 or 30 minutes, I call that a good day. If I’m having an actual session and I have an hour, I’ll do the elliptical to warm up, and then I’ll just do some basic weight training, then I’ll pat myself on the back and leave!”

Being her own cheerleader is a mantra she hopes the rest of the world — both online and off — can get hip to. “I wish we could give the whole big world a hug, and say, “You can start as slowly and simply as you want. You can go to the gym and walk for 10 minutes and leave, and good job, dude,”” she offers.

While hauling ass to the gym may sound more time-consuming than binge-watching House of Cards or Insta-stalking, step one to conquering your fitness goals: simply start. “It’s about building a pattern,” Hart adds, “And you can build a pattern once you set a foundation.”

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