Adidas And Spotify Marry Music To Your Running



Running may not be the most popular workout among fitness junkies, but high-energy eargasms can boost anyone to stay the course.

In an attempt to enhance the soundtrack of your workouts and keep runners motivated, Adidas–in tandem with Spotify–will raid your current playlists’ BPMs to provide the perfect audio backdrop for your daily treks with the new Adidas Go app. Pretty genius considering the immense pain one feels when an Ariana Grande ballad messes up the vibe mid-hill.

Unlike your Music app, though, Adidas Go is not just about the jams. Found exclusively in the Apple App Store for now, the app also doubles as your typical fitness tracker. Once you complete your #hersweatSESH, you can easily review your stats (heart rate, distance, pace and Adidas miCoach runscore) and share your running accomplishments with your galpals.

Sorry, Android users, you may have to sit this one out for now. However, Spotify does assure iPhone users one week of free premium service (for those who don’t already have it, of course).

Download Adidas Go now on iTunes and check out her sweat.’s official #fitspiration playlist here.

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