Sweat Queen: 5 Badass Quotes From Adrianne Ho’s ‘Coveteur’ Interview


adrianne-ho-hersweat2Sweat The Style founder Adrianne Ho pushes athleisure to the forefront of style trends with the perfect balance of streetwear, gym threads and cool. So naturally, The Coveteur spent some time with the Toronto-born fitness model to dig into her healthy lifestyle and Sweat apparel. Take notes and stay motivated by how this badass bombshell lives her best, active life.

1. “Growing up, I was always a tomboy, but I’d say I truly grew into my personal style when I moved to New York City… I grew tired of carrying around my gym clothes, so I gravitated towards mixing streetwear with high fashion pieces and activewear naturally as I was influenced by my surroundings. I could sweat in it while still looking good and feeling good. My style has always had some form of function and comfort. If I’m not comfortable, then I’m not happy!”

2. “I do something active everyday. If I’m not hitting the gym, a class, or a hike. I’ll go out of my way to walk everywhere I need to go. My goal is to do something that makes me sweat everyday.”

3. “People inspire me for different reasons. I admire Sade’s timelessness, Aaliyah’s swag, Serena’s strength.”

4. “I’m not a nutritionist, but I think eating whole, organic, local foods and drinking clean water should be enough. Nature gives us pretty much all we need, if we don’t stray to far from that then we should be good!”

5. “I always loved style, fitness, and health, but there wasn’t anything out there that spoke to me. That sparked the creation of Sweat The Style. It’s an active lifestyle culture and brand, devoted to fashionable fitness, natural beauty, positive health, and real food. It’s also a place where you can find one-of-a-kind, vintage sportswear pieces and soon, the Sweat by Sweat The Style brand of stylish and technical athletic wear. It’s a reference point for the modern day woman (or man) who takes care of their health and well being and wants to look good doing it.”

Read the full interview here.

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