Wildfox PR Director Aneesha DuBois Shares 5 Style Tips For Athleisure Lovers


aneesha-dubois-wildfox-athleisure-hersweatAround the time of the ’99 and the 2000, the ladies rocking sneakers and joggers were typically of the hip-hop set. Since the days of Aaliyah and Left Eye, cozy style has been become go-to look for your fave lady CEO and high fashion model. Thankfully, those of us who’d rather hit a work dinner after yoga no longer need to fuss over swapping our Fenty fur slides for Stuart Weitzman stilettos.

No one understands being a girl “who can do both” better than Wildfox Couture’s PR director Aneesha DuBois. Sure, the major key in style these days is comfort but the #OOTD-posting ‘Grammer assures that making your cozy clothes look elite is as much a style game of chess as any other.

Come on: throwing on gray sweats and Nike Roshe sneaks isn’t the definition of athleisure. Instead, it’s about piecing together your gym-ready gear in a way that’s just as attention-grabbing as Rihanna in a night slip.

When you have an A-1 instinct for what’s fly like DuBois, keeping your closet cute is second nature. “I swear to God I don’t even think about it,” the L.A. to Paris jetsetter tells her sweat. of the method to getting dressed on the go. “I just know that if I don’t go out feeling right, my whole day is fucked. That’s the only real thought I put into it.”

She does, however, take choosing her workouts pretty seriously. When DuBois isn’t hustling for her fashionable 9-to-5, she seeks new ways to keep her body fit, including hiking, spinning and stretching for Bikram yoga. “There’s so many workout places in L.A.,” she says. “I go to Rise Nation, which I love. You’re climbing the whole time. To those classes, I literally wear something as least restrictive as possible. A cotton pair of tights, breathable fabrics, something super comfortable. It’s a lot of stretching and moving.”

If you’re grappling with ways to make your Adidas pair best with both a BOSU workout and a board meeting, take heed to DuBois’ quick tips and photomaps. In her words, here’s how to elevate your athletic looks from a Ms. Me Too style to your own unique silhouette.

adidas slides to finish the look 🔑

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1. Build an outfit around your favorite article of sportswear.

If you feel like your most beautiful self in sweatpants then create an outfit around that. Make a dope ass, everyday look that you could go from brunch to happy hour. Like right now, I have on this turtleneck crop top with red and white stripes, a black dress underneath and my Adidas slides. You just have to do what you feel comfortable with. You also don’t have to worry about matching. 

high-waists, sports bras and sweaters

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2. Go mesh and classic. 

Try mesh items with no print and a solid colored sports bra, or some netted pants and a pair of heels or wedged flats. When I was in Paris, I was so blown away ’cause from head to ankle they would be in couture, but on their feet they’d be in Reebok Classics.

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3. Solid colors and layers are key. 

This summer, if you’re in a pair of workout tights and a crop-top bra, throw a blazer over it. Black workout leggings and a solid colored tee and a leather jacket on top. Layering is more stylish, more ready-to-wear. Pro-tip: Every girl should have a sports bra in her closet, a solid pair of workout tights, a solid pair of dope ass sneakers. Huaraches are the best thing right now and the Adidas Tubular sneakers.

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4. No brainer: Confidence.

You have to exude confidence! Look at Rihanna. She goes out in night wear. Someone who doesn’t have confidence in themselves would look like they just rolled out of bed. And remember: You can always tell who’s trying too hard. Every body is unique. What may work for someone, may not work for you. Also, be ahead of a trend. Try anything with your workout look.


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5. Hair matters, so give french braids a break.

I’m so over french braids. No shade, but it’s so worn out. Just rock a hairstyle that matches your look.

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