Aquafina Launches Sparkling Water Fit For Happy Bodies



Aquafina is adding some sparkle to its lineup. The water brand has unveiled its new line of sparkling H2O, which arrives in three thirst-quenching flavors: Black Cherry Dragonfruit, Lemon Lime and Orange Grapefruit. To sweeten the deal, each can of sparkling water is just 10 calories.

To celebrate the special delivery, Aquafina Sparkling tapped executive director of Broadway Bodies NYC, Alistair Williams, to host an intimate, judgment-free dance session (April 13) to Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” at New York City’s Ripley Grier Studios. Regardless of the status of your Beliebership, Alistair’s funky yet sassy take on the Bieber hit choreo made for a fun dance-off, packed with made-for-Vogue poses, booty pops and a well-deserved burn post-class. He was also big on making each woman in the room feel like a Beyoncé back-up dancer, no matter their skill level.

The Broadway Bodies class aligned with Aquafina Sparkling’s #HappyBodyDance mantra that aims to keep consumers hydrated. Last month, Aquafina even launched a Happy Body Dance school contest where winners scored a FIT dance clinic with NBA and WNBA players, another extension of Aquafina’s 2015 “For Happy Bodies” campaign that focuses on the happy moments gulping H2O brings to active lives.

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