BET Exec Kim Lewis Talks Keys to a Healthier Lifestyle & Benefits of Positive Thinking


her-sweat-kim-lewis-mainIt’s twenty-three days past 2017 and New Year’s resolutions to be fit have either become the launching pad for healthy lifestyles or have been tossed out altogether. The truth is that achieving your goals isn’t based on a calendar but rather the individual choices you make every day.

For Kim Lewis, BET Networks’ Senior Vice President of West Coast and Midwest Sales, balancing a demanding job, motherhood and a healthy lifestyle requires being committed to the right decisions. When she gets up at 6 a.m. each morning, she squeezes in a workout and takes her daughter to school then sticks to organic eats throughout the day both in and out of the office.

She also abides by her life/work understanding method, a technique that keeps her work life and personal life routines in sync. Most importantly, she keeps a sound mind by practicing gratitude as soon as she opens her eyes.

her sweat. grabbed some insight from this certified boss on how to think and manage a mindful lifestyle. 

Explain the life/work understanding method.

It’s all about managing yourself, managing your family and managing your business. I realized that I couldn’t do everything equally, so I had to figure out a way to incorporate all these worlds together. The only way for that to happen cohesively is for all to understand one another. So once I had that established, I realized I could actually do more. You integrate your family and yourself into your work, and your work into your life. You really allow both environments to coexist, whether it’s bringing your family or children to work events or work travel, or figuring out how to remotely be in a place that you could thrive and get your work done in a more family setting. Either way, you have more control and you’re allowing for each environment to work in a way where you can get the maximum amount done to the point where you’re really not affecting one or the other. 

Describe the lightbulb moment that led to this way of living. 

When I had a child, I realized I had to identify different ways that [my job and family life could] really blend well so that I can effectively keep my sanity, and at the same time, make sure that I’m tending to my family. When my daughter came of age and could say, “Hey, mommy, I miss you,” that was enough for me to come up with a plan to really make this work.

How do you incorporate fitness into your busy schedule?

I have various ways that I do that in my morning routine, whether it’s walking the dog or walking around the neighborhood, getting on my treadmill in my house or taking a morning cycling class or a cardio barre class, or even doing Daily Burn, this online service that is really great. That’s something that I will definitely incorporate into my week but I make sure [that if I don’t do my workout] when I first wake up, it’s when I come out of work or on the weekends but I definitely incorporate it.

I make sure that I carve out time for fitness no matter what. I really am a stickler for being active. For me, good fitness really equates to having a healthy mind, a healthy body and a healthy attitude. It’s all about fueling what strengthens you. This really gets you into a position to really tackle anything that comes your way so it’s getting yourself ready. I really enjoy the workouts in the morning because it’s a great jumpstart into my day. Your attitude is clear, your mind is clear and it really allows for the best results.

When you get your morning workout in, what time do you usually wake up?

I usually get up at 6 a.m. I might get the workout in before I take my daughter to school or right after I take her to school at 7 a.m. I definitely try to squeeze in some type of a workout, even if I do a part one before I leave for work. My part two could be when I come home. I might do weights or get on my pilates machine. I try to get it in four days a week for anywhere between 40 minutes to an hour and a half depending on how much time I have.

What are some tips to train your mind to think more positively?

A lot of it is having gratitude. When you wake up being thankful, it puts you in a good place. When you have that, it puts a smile on your face and that in itself is kind of the jolt that you might need. Let the gratitude be your coffee. Let that wake up your mind and your spirit so that it fuels you to try to get the best thing done.

I do feel that you’ve gotta control you. You are the walking billboard of what you do and it’s all in your attitude. Honestly, it’s what you plug into your mind and what you put into your mouth, too. The food also makes a difference. I’m all about fresh juicing, green tea and alkaline water, and using coconut oils and even organic products and organic food. It really makes you who you are, because if you are doing all the right things, that’s when all the best results come out. 

What are some of your favorite ingredients to use for healthy meals?

I definitely cook a lot when it comes to chicken, fish, and vegetables. It’s pretty light and simple. I do a lot of fresh herbs, whether it’s garlic, basil, thyme, cilantro and parsley, and Himalayan sea salt. I’ll use that on my fish and chicken. I grill vegetables. I don’t eat red meat or pork, and I don’t eat gluten or dairy, so everything is kind of like a vegan-infused lifestyle. I love chopping up cucumbers, zucchinis, onions and some garlic, and putting a little cilantro on there, or I’ll slice up some apples and grab almond butter, and I’m good to go. Everything is pretty organic and pretty basic but all very delicious. Plus, I enjoy it so it’s not like I feel like I’m missing anything. 

On the days where you have to put in overtime, what is your advice for increasing stamina both mentally and physically in the workplace?

Get up and walk around. I have to remind myself that every day because this particular role is more than a 9-to-5. It starts when I get up in the morning and I’m [at work] through the evening at times. I find that to get up, walk around and even take a break, whether it’s reading some type of magazine or taking a moment to read a bit in a book or even looking through some pictures, helps. Anything to re-stimulate your mind and kind of pivot for a second then go back and continue on. Also, get a good night’s rest because that is really the key to completing your day. I have to remind myself of that as well. 

What’s a major key about health and wellness?

One thing that is key is for you to have an actual path or a plan of your wellness. You really have to make the commitment but you have to define what that looks like for you. A lot of times, folks don’t have a true direction or path. They say, “I’m trying to be healthy, I’m trying to do better,” but what does that look like? It’s really up to that individual to lay out that plan. That’s something that would be beneficial to someone on their journey to success or a more healthier life. To really have an understanding and to make sure that those things are happening regularly. 

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