Body Shaming In Jest: How You’re Beating Yourself Up Without Noticing



— ƞiki mcgloster (@missjournalism) April 6, 2015

It was one of the many brain-to-thumb farts I spewed on Twitter in frustration over a body-shaming onesie. But even though the thought was caused by early onset Share Everything Syndrome, it became the catalyst to a new personal rule: I’m no longer using language that chips away at women’s confidence about their bodies.

I spent a few years romantically linked to a guy who’s a serious gym rat and was less than supportive about unhealthy eating. It started out as your usual “You should make better eating choices” then slowly became the “Ew, you’re really going to eat that?” And honestly, I didn’t realize how it rocked my self-esteem until I started lying about what I’d had for lunch or felt some sort of shame in the name of a donut. Crazy how you’re über-secure in your skin until one day you’re just, well, not.

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