Get Your Mind & Body Right With This Core Workout From Fitness Guru Nicole Mejia



Strengthening your mind and body is a package deal. Sure, you can do burpees ’til you’re blue in the face to burn fat but mental gains also require consistent training. In the latest installment of the awesome YouTube series Celebrate Your Shape with Nicole Mejia, the fitness guru offers a core workout with a partner, actress Shanna Malcolm, that will help elevate both your body and mind.

Malcolm admits that her move to Los Angeles kept her from embracing her own greatness. “For my first year out in L.A., I was so excited to be doing what I love but I was so overwhelmed and so, instead of letting my light shine, instead of allowing people to see me, instead of allowing people in, I was like, ‘Oh, they’re more experienced than I am, they’re better than I am,’ That kind of thinking,” she says.

With introspection and self love, Malcolm was able to reach her turning point. “We owe ourselves sitting still for a moment, literally and figuratively, and just admitting where you’re at, what it is that you’re needing, what it is you’re lacking, and embracing who you are in this moment.” Mejia adds, “In order to really achieve a strong body and be happy with that strong body, you really need to be able to exercise and condition a strong mind.”

For part two, the pair hit the sand and engage in a serious sweat session. “The core is the center of all physical activity and movement,” explains Mejia, who then launches into a series of three different exercises, which can be done with or without a partner.

Mejia starts with 10 reps of planks (knees or toes is optional depending on level of experience) with hand taps followed by 20 sit-ups with claps. “I think that when you’re working out with a partner and you give it a clap, it’s a way to motivate each other,” she says. The duo wrap with 20 alternating reps of suitcases, an oblique-targeting exercise where you lift both legs and bring them to your chest.

Follow the workout below.

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