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hersweat-celebrity-food-instagramHere’s the thing: We spend a considerable amount of minutes and money stuffing our faces every day. If you’re somewhat of a normal adult, you’re probably a creature of habit when it comes to your consumption (we like what we like, right?), which means you inhale the same hurried fare on the regular.

Not only can flipping the same old grocery list into a gourmet dish lead to a dining rut, but hitting your fave restaurants a majority of the week can also leave you noshing on boring morsels for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So who do you turn to when your tummy’s tired of shrimp tacos every Tuesday? Celebrity foodies.

The gliterrati’s top epicures love to snap their grand plates for the ‘Gram and show off their endless (and international) eats—from ox tails and rice to oysters and balsamic reductions. What’s more, they’re champions of clean eating and necessary cheat days.

Regardless if you’ll ever dine in Capri, Italy or have to settle for your local Italian pizzeria, let the cuisine of Hollywood’s food-loving stars stand as menu motivation when you’re simply tired of slurping up spaghetti every Sunday.

Flip through this guide to celeb-inspired spreads and upgrade your food from snooze to sensational.



Kick off your week with pumpkin spice pancakes topped with cream cheese á la Selita Ebanks.

Good Morning! Made my cream cheese pumpkin spiced pancakes 😋 #insane

A photo posted by Selita (@selitaebanks) on

A plate full of Chrissy Teigen‘s chinese chicken salad may have you skipping dinner. 

If not, tackle this savory mix for dinner thanks to WWE diva Rosa Mendes

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