about her sweat.

why did we create her sweat.? we asked ourselves that a few times in the last two years and we’ve come up with a pretty matter-of-fact answer: because we can.

her sweat. is the perfect hub for women who love the sweet trifecta of sports, fitness and lifestyle. a go-to for premiere features on women bosses, in-depth profiles on athletes and workout trends, her sweat. documents and analyzes the ins and outs of living an active life.

simply put: her sweat. is where both the sports junkie, athletic girl and the “i have no clue what’s happening” chick can collide and share interests.

about us

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adelle platon, co-founder

adelle is the poster girl for all this. a music junkie and pen pusher, the new york native clocks in time at vibe.com and formerly good morning america and nbc universal. she stays on the pursuit to peacefulness and believes life is lived better standing up.


niki mcgloster, co-founder

niki is an outspoken, nyc-based maryland girl who just so happens to love writing things down. you can connect the bylines at vibe, vibe vixen, billboard, karencivil and uptown magazine. in the meantime, she’s on the hunt for one of carrie bradshaw’s two L’s.

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