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Heading out for a run each morning or clocking in a few hours at the gym each week has its physical benefits (and pains), but the road to a completely fit body requires a lot more effort than a weekly workout routine. Healthy eating coupled with the right fitness regimen can get you steps closer to your goals and starts with crafting robust, healthy meals from top cookbooks. From juicing and quick-meal recipes to Caribbean-inspired meals, her sweat. rounded up 15 cookbooks that will fuel your body and help you maintain a healthier lifestyle. Who said healthy living should be boring?


The Skinnytaste Cookbook: Light on Calories, Big on Flavor, $18
The debut cookbook from Skinnytaste,com founder Gina Homolka, The Skinnytaste Cookbook: Light on Calories, Big on Flavor is equipped with over 100 “slimmed-down recipes” that pack a ton of taste but won’t tip the scale of your calorie count.


Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook: Eat Like You Give a F*ck, $12
Thug Kitchen offers readers and food enthusiasts unconventional ways to vegan eating. The book features pages like “Pantry s—t” – a list of holy grail ingredients every soon-to-be chef should own – and “Dropping Knowledge,” where the author provides readers with major keys to creating nutritional meals.


The Ultimate Book of Modern Juicing, $17
For years now, juicing has been known as a great meal supplement and are used to cleanse and cure the body, but all produce isn’t perfect for this type of clean eating. Mimi Kirk’s cookbook teaches readers how to read produce barcodes when shopping and the best vegetables for specific health conditions (plant-based juices are good for the digestive system, according to the book).


Soup Cleanse Cookbook: Embrace a Better Body and a Healthier You with the Weekly Soup Plan, $14
Soups are generally reserved for a quick pick-me-up to nurse us back to health, but the founder of Splendid Spoon gives the cure-all 75 different purposes. Heartier than a juice cleanse, the Soup Cleanse Cookbook features recipes that support the immune system and help boost energy.


Ziggy Marley and Family Cookbook, $15
With deep roots in the Rastafarian culture, Ziggy Marley’s cookbook brings readers into his kitchen with recipes that fuse traditional family-friendly dishes with Marley’s Caribbean upbringing.


Run Fast. Eat Slow.: Nourishing Recipes for Athletes, $15
Athletic or not, readers are welcome to the Olympian’s weekly eating routine with the “Eat Like Shalane” calendar, a day-by-day breakdown of the athlete’s daily meals from smoothies and scrambled eggs to fish tacos and steak.


Clean Eating Cookbook & Diet: Over 100 Healthy Whole Food Recipes & Meal Plans, $12
Many people believe that eating healthier means sacrificing flavor, and this cookbook eliminates that notion all together. This cookbook whips up 105 recipes on simple yet flavorful meals that are simple enough to be used repeatedly, not just when you’re aiming to achieve a goal.


A Modern Way to Cook: 150+ Vegetarian Recipes for Quick, Flavor-Packed Meals, $21
Conjuring up the energy to cook after a full day at work is one of the most common battles working gals struggle with. Anna Jones’ vegetarian cookbook is the perfect antidote to our weekday woes (and the perfect excuse for a girls’ night in).


Healthy Pasta: The Sexy, Skinny, and Smart Way to Eat Your Favorite Food, $19
Cutting out carbohydrates is usually the first step when trying to eat healthy, but according to siblings Joe and Tanya Bastianich, there are healthier ways to enjoy pasta and lessen your calorie consumption. Their cookbook taps into their Italian roots while giving readers gluten-free options and alternative ways to cook sauces.


Soul Food Love: Healthy Recipes Inspired by One Hundred Years of Cooking in a Black Family, $12
Alice Randall and Caroline Randall Williams packaged their family’s history into a book of recipes that transform traditional soul food dishes into healthy meals that satisfy and nourish our bodies.


Everyday Detox: 100 Easy Recipes to Remove Toxins, Promote Gut Health, and Lose Weight Naturally, $16
Megan Gilmore, the blogger behind Detoxinista, created her cookbook to help people shy away from the Instagram detox teas that fill our feeds and indulge in foods that are better for our bodies.


Hungry Girl Clean & Hungry: Easy All-Natural Recipes for Healthy Eating in the Real World, $12
Lisa Lillien helps remove the unhealthy foods from some of our favorite dishes to make space for clean ingredients that promote a healthier lifestyle.


Power Foods: 150 Delicious Recipes with the 38 Healthiest Ingredients, $17
At some point during the week (Mondays), we all need a pick-me-up meal that boosts our energy and makes the week go by easier. With 150 recipes featuring ingredients already present in our refrigerators, the Power Foods cookbook breaks down some of the healthiest produce to incorporate into our daily meals.


Eating Purely: More Than 100 All-Natural, Organic, Gluten-Free Recipes for a Healthy Life, $18
Elizabeth Stein’s ode it healthy eating is a plethora of vegetable-based dishes that are simple and gives readers alternative ways to utilize vegetables and fruits.


The 5-Ingredient College Cookbook: Healthy Meals with Only 5 Ingredients in Under 30 Minutes, $9
Whether you’re in college or not, you can appreciate preparation time that’s shorter than your favorite TV show. The 5-Ingredient College Cookbook offers an array of healthy recipes on meals that don’t include “oodles and noodles.”

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