Danielle Brooks Gives The Pep Talk You May Need Before A Workout



The gym can be a safe space that boosts your confidence. But as Danielle Brooks points out in a recently posted Instagram vid, it often times can be the perfect place to check yourself.

The star of Orange Is The New Black and self-proclaimed “voice of the curves,” recapped a moment of insecurity when she took her shirt off for a sweat session and noticed another woman rocking what she considered a better body (“I ain’t gonna lie, she was bad”). She briefly considered whether to put her shirt back on once she began comparing herself to the lady, but the moment of self-doubt turned into a personal pep talk for the body positive fit girl.

“Why, just two minutes ago, I was feeling great, and now I’m not?” she says. “The reason I was feeling so great is because I was comparing myself to yesterday’s Danielle, and today’s Danielle is better than yesterday’s.”

Let’s be real, those tiny freak-outs can happen to any of us. However, it’s those moments when we notice we ran less miles than the person on the treadmill next to us or don’t have abs like the girl beasting through a core workout that we must take heed to Brooks’ final words of encouragement: “Don’t compare yourself to nobody, just be a better you.”

Listen to the entire pep talk below.

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