5 Essential Apps to Finesse Your Fitness Goals

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Beyond social media stalking and podcast binging, smartphones are for fitness lovers.

A variety of apps are springing up that aim to keep both the mind and body in tip-top shape. From the myriad of fitness routines offered in apps like Nike+ Training Club and Blogilates to simple task-based ones like the Breathe and Happify, these square bundles of joy also come for free.

With 2017 well underway, tack on these mental and physical fitness apps to help achieve your new year’s resolutions.


Nike+ Training Club
Free – Available for iOS and Android

No matter which athletic brand you pledge your allegiance to, the NTC app is an exercise junkie’s dream. Offering a variety of workouts tailored to any fitness level, users can also up their strength, endurance and mobility while also creating a personalized workout plan. NTC Live workouts are also offered in real-time. Add friends and get the sweat party started!


Free – Available for iOS and Android

“Train like a beast, look like a beauty” reads the welcome screen in the app from viral fit queen Cassey Ho. Workout queens can access Ho’s vast YouTube library of workout videos or grab meal inspo from her cheap clean eats segments. Also keep tabs on your progress by filling out the in-app workout calendar.


Free – Available for iOS and Android

Channel your inner Dora the Explorer with this app that pinpoints hiking hotspots based on your location. You can also wrangle peak locations for braving The Great Outdoors with activities that range from kayaking to biking to skiing.


Free – Available with Apple Watch

Zipping through a hefty to-do list usually means little downtime but this app is a necessary reminder to slow down. The app monitors breathing for one minute and depicts a flower that expands with each exhale, keeping you focused and centered for 60 seconds out of any hectic day. For non-Apple Watch users, another alternative includes Breathe+ Relaxation and Breath Training.


Free – Available for iOS and Android

Being happy is easier than singing Pharrell’s hit song. With the Happify app, you can train yourself to think and live more harmoniously. Depending on your mission (conquering negative thoughts to coping better with stress are some of the examples), there are tracks to help ignite your bliss on the regular.

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