Stay Woke: 7 Energizing Snacks That’ll Keep You Awake At Work


Without fail, the afternoon lull of energy arrives around 2 p.m. every day to wreak havoc on your productivity.

You’ve already eaten lunch, burned off your a.m. power and the afternoon sleepies have settled in with a vengeance. Not to mention the arctic chill in your office only compels you to close your eyes.

Hashtag struggle.

But don’t mindlessly reach for a Red Bull or scroll through Twitter jokes when you need an extra jolt of energy. Instead, snack on foods that’ll rev up your metabolism and preserve your momentum throughout the day.

Keep a handful of energizing snacks on hand to combat those midday sugar-lows.

Need some help? Here are 7 snack-friendly foods that’ll push you through the day.

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