#ForeverYum Presents: Clean Eating Guidelines For The Bad-Gal-In-Training


How often have you heard that nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels? No disrespect, but Kate Moss’ “health advice” won’t work for all of us. A very big factor is that we tend to believe that fat and flavor are mutually exclusive.

People who are very accustomed to the taste of processed foods have a difficult time enjoying the natural flavors of real food. The objective of clean eating is to choose the healthiest options from each food group, and to approach your meals as a lifestyle.

We consider “dieting” as a way to be less: to weigh less, to fit into a smaller size, to shrink parts of ourselves. Changing your point of view to see your food as a way to being more—a stronger, more positive, more restful, more balanced and longer-living version of yourself—is a better sustainable goal than getting a “summer body.”

Flip to the next page for simple steps from #ForeverYum (an upcoming food blog) for cleaning up your meals. No crash dieting allowed!—Elaine Shivers

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