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Writer Kia Robinson at Future of Sports in Brooklyn, New York

In the age of pop-up experiences and Instagramable moments, Nicole Pinedo has turned her love for sports into an immersive space honoring physical activity. The Future of Sports (FOS) experience seamlessly bridges the gap between sports, music, culture and art and provides a plethora of Instagrammable moments ideal for any feed. Last year, FOS was only available in Washington, D.C., but for the next two months, the experience is calling New York City home.

During its foray in the nation’s capital, within the first few weeks, the sports-inspired installation became the go-to for great pictures and a must-see for the culture. Given the pop-up’s major success, the team brainstormed ways to make the experience bigger and better. “It only made sense to bring it to New York,” Nicole shared about. “Specifically, it made sense to bring it to Brooklyn.”

While the New York City experience is slightly different from last year’s D.C. experience, FOS’s purpose remains the same. “One of the biggest things we want to do with FOS is to inspire people to move and get active. There are so many pop-ups that don’t really allow for interaction. I want to FOS to change that,” she expressed. “Once we wrapped up D.C. I knew for a fact our next one had to have bigger rooms that were functional and would allow for more physical activity.”


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Each large room reveals a different challenge and theme. Hosts coach attendees through organized games that ensure interaction, fun and a little competition are at the heart of everyone’s experience. Nicole and her team have created something that can be witnessed on Instagram but is really much better experienced in person.

So what’s next for FOS? “We want to continue to create a space that brings people together and inspires them to be fit, “Nicole said. “We want to mobilize cities to give back to their communities using the power of sports, culture and art. It’s too early for me to say what that would look like down the road but that’s the ultimate goal.” We think it’s safe to say, they’re on the right track.

Future of Sports is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and is open until early January. Visit the Instagram page for updates and links to purchase tickets.


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