Ultimate Cheat Sheet: How To Stop Brushing Off Your Workout



“I don’t feel like doing it.” “I need to do run errands.” “I’m too busy.”

Does this sound familiar? These are excuses you probably use from time to time to curve a gym session. For lack of good time management or simply a hectic, jet-setting work schedule, many of us succumb to procrastination when it comes to pumping the iron but the workout-stalling habit can be nixed easily if you work hard enough to break it.

Cracking down on your chronic case of procrastination means trading in the excuses weighing you down for a pair of five-pound dumbbells. To make sure your drive doesn’t fizzle, trick and treat yourself into working out. Here’s to getting it done!


What you normally do: After work, you head home to grab your gym clothes before boxing. By the time you slip off your loafers and reach for your gloves and Flyknits, you’ve already gotten too comfortable to peel yourself off the couch.

What you should do: Pack your workout gear, so you can hit the gym straight after work. Whether you leave your gym bag in your car or toss it under your desk, you have no pitstops or excuses when 5 pm rolls around.


What you normally do: You’re always late, even when you plan to be on time to twerk class. Instead of leaving your house in enough time to be the first one at the studio, you hit snooze to get an extra 10 minutes of shut-eye.

What you should do: It should be a given to set an alarm to make your wake-ups easier but take it a step a further and get yourself an accountability partner, one you would have to pick up before class or meet there. The guilt alone of leaving a friend hanging will drag you to the gym on time. Add a positive affirmation to your alarm so you’ll have an extra pep in your step.


What you normally do: You spend your morning in a rush to pack your work and gym bag, as well as make sure your lunch is set. The exhaustion of hurrying through your day discourages you from slowing down and hitting SoulCycle.

What you should do: Prep your meals the night before and leave your gym bag by the door so nothing gets left behind. When you properly pencil in your workout, you feel more productive and willing to bang out a cardio core class. Sleep in your gym clothes if you have to! No. Seriously.


What you normally do: You never lace your workouts with a lit soundtrack. You’ve had the same playlist since 2009, and sweating to “Run This Town” is old.

What you should do: Download the latest music to take your workouts to the next level. Musical gems from Rihanna or Kanye West’s latest LPs can add some much-needed energy to your “Get Fit or Die Trying” playlist.

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