Celebrity Trainer Harley Pasternak Shares Do’s and Don’ts of Resistance Training


harley-pasternak-hersweatShowing up to the gym is half the battle, but learning which exercises work best for your body is where the real work begins. 

During an exclusive Fitbit Alta workout event, celebrity trainer and Fitbit ambassador Harley Pasternak, who counts Tracee Ellis Ross, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande as clients, coached attendees through a full body, resistance workout. The 30-minute routine included reverse lunges, mountain climbers, skater lunges and good ol’ fashioned pushups. 

Though the A-list-approved exercises create a quick and efficient workout, Pasternak doesn’t recommend a daily helping of the same routine. In fact, your muscles respond better once you give your body a break. “When you do resistance exercise properly, you tear your muscle fibers,” he says. “When those muscle fibers recover, they recover stronger, tighter, denser than before. If you do them every day, they’re never going to recover. They’ll just get weaker. ”

So how often should you do a resistance workout? It depends on how fit you currently are, but typically Pasternak advises one or two exercises that target a different body part each day. “Sometimes if [my clients] are just doing a little bit of the exercise, I’ll give them two body parts [to work out] twice a day. But if they’re hitting them hard, just once a day.”

Basically, don’t work the same muscles. 

Finally, to keep your workout tempo turnt up, make music the highlight of your training. Blasting “This Is What You Came For” during your workout not only enhances your toning sess, but it also “stimulates you mentally, helps you keep rhythm when you’re doing [exercises].”

“[Keeping your rhythm] is important with resistance exercise because it keeps consistency rep to rep, set to set,” Pasternak says. “It also adds variety to the exercise, so if you have a whole new set of music that you’re working out to next month, it’s gonna change your whole workout experience.”

If your goal is less about weight loss and more about toning and strength (and having a lot of fun), take heed to Pasternak’s advice to build up your bod. 

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