Her Sweat Story: Jas Waters Explains How She Maintains Peace of Body and Mind



Jas Waters first realized she was taller and thicker than the other kids in 7th grade. Though it would be years (and many pounds) before she could really process how detrimental her bad habits were to her personal success, she eventually chose life over death. 

“I’d climbed four flights of stairs to the train after a job interview and I remember feeling like I was going to die,” she says, recalling the first moment she knew she needed to make a change. “I thought to myself, ‘You shouldn’t be feeling this way at 26. There’s so much life ahead of you that you’re going to miss.'”

Now, as a busy film and television writer/director (see also: foodie) who’s best known publicly for doing fly shit with a few people you may recognize, she shares her day-to-day fitness journey.

her sweat. rummaged her unapologetic mind about why she likes her food like her clothes, why she pledges allegiance to Nike, and what her grandmother’s death taught her about the importance of her own body. 

WHY I CHANGED MY LIFESTYLE: On June 26, 2008, I sat next to my grandmother, the woman that raised me, and watched her die. I remember watching as she withered in pain as her 86-year-old body was finally failing. It was tired and the effects of mistreatment––overeating, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis––had become too much. But this was also the same body that would pick me up and carry me. I remember holding her hand shortly after she passed away and feeling the difference.

At the time, I was at my heaviest and had my own aches and pains, but somehow I thought one day I’d lose the weight and have a brand new body. That’s not how it works. The same body that you abuse when you’re young is the same body that will have to carry you when you’re old. That’s when I began losing weight.

HOW KEEPING THE WEIGHT OFF CAN SUCK: Losing 100 pounds was the second hardest thing I’ve ever done; the hardest thing is keeping it off. It’s a frustrating test of willpower, focus, determination and faith. And if you’re like me and you’re starting your journey after years of an unhealthy lifestyle, you see all of the negative side effects first.

But the hardest time is when the scale doesn’t reflect the effort. I wish someone would’ve told me that weight loss is an invoice system; you do the work first and then wait for the check to come. There were times when I’d be busting my ass and the scale wouldn’t move for weeks. And that can be devastating. I had to have faith that eventually it would move, and eventually it always did.

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