Her Sweat Story: Rap Mogul Julia Beverly On Switching Up Her Workouts & Ditching the Scale


julia-beverly-2Hip-hop mogul Julia Beverly needs no introduction. As the former founder and editor-in-chief of Ozone magazine, the Orlando-based Southern rap publication founded in 2002 that racked up a readership of 725,000 strong, Beverly is a go-getter who also penned the 2015 book Sweet Jones: Pimp C’s Trill Life Story, a 700-page tribute to the late UGK legend.

In between flexing her music savvy and snapping flicks of rap’s finest (she recently documented Jeezy’s #BirthdayBash at Atlanta’s Philips Arena), the Florida native also has a passion for travel and fitness. Scroll through her Instagram and one week she’ll be hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru then engaging in Super Soaker fights on the river in Chattahoochee River Park the next. 

Here, Beverly drops bars about her go-to workouts, switching up routines and why a number on the scale doesn’t matter.

HOW MY ATHLETIC BACKGROUND DREW ME TO FITNESS: I was always athletic and played all kinds of sports. I went running with my dad, who was a cross country runner in college when I was a kid. I played basketball and soccer, and ran cross country in high school. So for someone who’s always been athletic, as you get older and your schedule gets busier, it’s easy to assume that you’re “in shape” until one day you realize you’re not.

Watching the 2008 Summer Olympics made me want to start running again, so I started doing 30 minutes on the treadmill every other day. Gradually, I realized that treadmills are a poor substitute and started running outside. When it got monotonous, I would sign up for 5K and 10K races to set a specific goal. I’ve done probably dozens of half-marathons since then (most memorably, on the Great Wall of China and in Iceland) and a few marathons. I still run frequently, but lately I’ve tried to vary my workouts by cycling, hiking, playing basketball and playing tennis. I also got in the habit of going to The Supertrainer’s morning boot camp whenever I’m in Atlanta. I like it because it’s outdoors so you get a good workout and some sunshine to kick off your day.

Miami half marathon yesterday

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MY FAVORITE FITNESS RESOURCES: is a good site to locate upcoming races and events in different cities. I used to go to the Guru of Abs’ classes religiously, and I still like to use the exercises he posts on Instagram and on his app. The Nike Running app is cool to track your mileage and challenge your friends.

MY MOST RECENT FITNESS DISCOVERY: I never pictured myself as someone who would be into yoga, but I kept reading that it was a good way to stretch after a long run. So I finally tried a hot yoga class and loved it. I try to go once a week. I’ve been going to CorePower because they have locations in different cities. I like their Yoga Sculpt classes, which is really more of a cardio workout than a yoga class. 

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