Her Sweat Story: Tracy G. On Her Journey To Self-Love & Sexual Empowerment


tracy-g-her-sweat-story-2 No two days are alike for Tracy Garraud.

But on most days, the Sirius XM radio show Sway in the Morning co-host wakes up between 4:15 to 5:15 a.m. doing a few power poses, thanking God and nipping through a cup of oatmeal along with a healthy treat from Fresh and Co. to start her day.

Following on-air duty is where the self-proclaimed edu-tainer begins her real grind. In between being a guest speaker for panel discussions, creating audio vision boards for She’s Beauty and the Beast—a wellness brand for millennials focusing on personal development, spirituality and empowerment—Tracy G.’s creating a celibacy tribe, where she wants to make celibacy less of a taboo and more of the norm (more on this later).

If there’s one important thing to know about Tracy it’s that she spreads wisdom and inspiration every moment she gets. “I’m a professional sharer,” the 30 year-old Rockland County native tells her sweat. “As soon as an epiphany or a discovery hits me and I realized it worked, I’m going to share it. I’m here for the emotional empowerment of all people, but in particular, women. I’m not the leader of this journey, but I’m here calling to find more people.”

Learn some of Tracy G.’s favorite endorphin-feeding workouts, her go-to cheat meals and why she’s aiming to save her goodies for marriage.

WHY I DECIDED TO PRACTICE CELIBACY: It started with me getting screwed over by one of my really good friends, where we were just having casual sex. After that situation, I had a very, very deep epiphany: just because he’s a good guy doesn’t mean you’re with the right guy. I also had to ask myself, Why was I using my body to secure a commitment? Now listen, he was really one of my great friends and he’s still a wonderful guy, but it isn’t his responsibility to look at me in fragile terms. He’s looking at me as a consenting adult, so I have to be the leader of my body because this wasn’t just one incident — there were several. I realized the common denominator was myself. I wasn’t setting my standards and asking myself what my standards really were. I realized I want something deeper. I want a man to recognize me as a spirit first then an attractive woman who has a bomb ass pussy second.

WHY I STARTED A CELIBACY TRIBE: You need a reminder because when it comes to your body, it craves instant gratification. When you’re going to mute that calling [for sex], it’s difficult because there are always different images of sex around us constantly. Whether it’s coming from music, Instagram or late-night text from dudes that need to stay away from [your] Pandora’s Box. There’s so many different streams of temptation. Yea, it can give you pleasure in the moment, but it isn’t going to give you pleasure as a memory. I’m not forcing any of my viewpoints on anyone, I just want to make sure there’s a conversation happening about sex. I don’t care if you pause from having sex is for a year or until marriage. Even if your pause from having sex is just for five seconds, just ask yourself why.

It’s also spiritual for me as well because I wanted to get to know myself as a daughter of God, as a soldier of God, as a being that has been crafted here for purpose that goes beyond male consumption. I want to make sure me speaking openly about celibacy is not bashing all men. I have a man, and taking sex out of our relationship has definitely helped because we really get to know if our attraction is real.

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