Do You Need Apple Watch For Your Fitness Goals?



The new Apple Watch has potential to be the only fitness partner you’ll ever need.

On Monday (March 9), Chief Executive Tim Cook unveiled Apple’s most recent technological offering, boasting health-oriented capabilities that are not only integrated with your beloved iPhone but also customizable so that you know exactly when to Move, Exercise and Stand. Likewise, it spews out your heart rate, calories burned and a weekly progress report like “a good personal trainer would,” says Jay Blahnik, Apple’s director of Physical Fitness. And this is all in addition to telling time, taking phone calls, checking emails and staying connected to Twitter and Instagram. Not to mention it’s more visually appealing than your current fitness tracker.

True to Apple form, function and design tie the knot to bring consumers a luxury smartwatch that resembles a real timepiece. One that may arguably be the most advanced and personal timepiece known to (wo)man, promising to be more accurate than other wearables while being stylish.

Its best feature, outside of its 18-hour battery life, is a draw for non-athletes and fitness junkies. The Watch simply weaves in pockets of activity into your daily life, whether nudging you to take the stairs instead of the elevator or choose pick-up instead of Postmates. However, it can get you right for a marathon. Just ask model Christy Turlington Burns.

Though the price tag may be steep – Watch ($550), Watch Sport ($350) and Watch Edition ($10,000) – loyal Apple consumers are Kanye-bound to cop, especially if they’re seeking a fitness-focused wearable to be an integral part of their lives. It’s simply a smarter way to look at fitness – hey, at least that’s what Cook’s saying – without the pressure. All you have to do is move!

Be the first to preorder this bad boy on April 10 at Apple or pick up in stores on April 24. Watch the formal unveiling on the next page.

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