Her Sweat Story: Event Planner Iman Dean Conquers Depression For A Healthier Life


iman-dean-hersweat2her sweat. is now introducing a new series called her #hersweatstory, a feature that highlights women and their unique journey to healthy lifestyles – whether it’s dramatic weight loss, surgical assistance or other life-changing events that turned the course of how they approach life. enjoy! 

Back in September 2011, I took a vacation to Spain with two of my girlfriends. We started in Barcelona then planned to head to Madrid, but as the days went by, I noticed this negative person inside me creeping out. I lashed out at both my friends, who I’ve known for a decade, over petty things, even isolating myself when it was time to get dressed up and hit the town. By the end of the trip, I was completely off to myself and didn’t speak to them for days to follow.

On the flight back to the U.S., I really looked at myself and why I behaved the way I did. Everything was crumbling around me from my career to my love life to my friendships. Here I was at 29 years old, I was 240 pounds and depressed. I was in a constant mental battle with myself, but by the time my plane landed in NYC, I had devised a plan: start therapy again and lose at least 40 pounds between October and February 4, 2012, which, by no coincidence, would be my 30th birthday.

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