The New Hiplet Dance Craze Will Keep Your Body On Pointe



No shade, but some traditions are made to be broken. In the spirit of putting a unique twist on classic ballet routines, Chicago Multicultural Dance Center founder Homer Hans Bryant created hiplet, the artistic hip-hop-infused dance style that’s burning up timelines. “In order to stay relevant with young people, you have to do what they’re doing now,” Bryant told Good Morning America of his innovative art form.

Bryant began teaching his rap-friendly dance back in 2005 then trademarked the moves in 2009. Though hiplet has gone viral since an Instagram quiet gained attention on Facebook and Twitter, the former principal dancer says he spends most days teaching classic ballet. “This hiplet stuff is every Friday for an hour,” he tells Chicago magazine. “Monday through Friday is strict classical ballet. It’s floor barre for an hour, technique class for an hour and a half, and a pointe class for another hour and a half.”

So why is it such a huge deal? “It’s some black girls on pointe doing what’s not known in the classical ballet world.”

Watching brown-skinned hiplet ballerinas slay in tutus is a dream only Kanye could predict, but hiplet is also sneakily the making of a great new workout.

To body roll on pointe, you must first master basic ballet skills, which build muscle, increase flexibility and balance. (Think Barre.) And who doesn’t want to plié their way to great posture while listening to Young Thug?

For now, you can only get expert training at Bryant’s CMDC. But if you’re up for a little makeshift class, throw on some hiplet YouTube vids and mimic the moves (fyi: not on pointe) for a core-sculpting hiplet-inspired workout.

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