His Sweat: Michael B. Jordan’s ‘Fantastic’ Workouts



Michael B. Jordan was born to be stared at.

The now 5-foot-11 movie heartthrob wasn’t much to gawk at when he first gained small-screen recognition in season one of The Wire. Since then, not only has the Internet bae added depth to his acting portfolio–namely That Awkward Moment and award-winning Fruitvale Station–but also #gains to his newly chiseled stature. 

“This is the biggest I’ve ever been,” he told PopSugar about his physique for the Rocky reboot, Creed, set to hit theaters in November. “I’m about like 182 pounds. I think I’m gonna gain maybe another five or six pounds.”

As potential Marvel blockbuster Fantastic Four inches closer to its release date (July 30), the #MCM-worthy star continues to hit the weights to secure the perfectly sculpted figure for his fiery role as the Human Torch.

While her sweat. patiently waits to cop tickets to MBJ’s latest full-length feature this summer, take a look at how he stays in shape for his forthcoming gigs.

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