In Progress with Anthony McClain: Allow the Universe to Work For You


After you’ve allowed yourself to accept the circumstances of your path, have grown intentional about curating your energy and protecting it, the last step to being your best self is changing the way you interact with the world. Understanding that your experiences aren’t happening to you but for you. Every event, engagement, tragedy, triumph and tribulation is an opportunity for you to grow and learn. Though you may not be able to choose your path, you can always choose your direction.

What I implore everyone to do is to live their dreams out loud and allow the universe to respond to them. Whether it’s a grand aspiration or just some humble goals, you’ll see how the world acquiesces to bring them into fruition. Essentially, you have to give the universe an opportunity to illuminate to you how it works in your favor. That does not mean that every single thing you ask for will come true, but it will make it obvious that your path is meant for you and that it is leading you in the direction of your purpose.

Once you understand how this works, you extinguish the anxiety that comes from the idea of uncertainty. Everything becomes clear. You take actionable steps in the direction of your purpose and dreams in ways you didn’t even consider, yet those experiences undoubtedly brought you closer to where you wish to be. You stop believing in coincidences and begin to realize that everything is happening for a reason. I cannot emphasize this part enough — the less time we spend feeling dejected should be more time spent learning from it. We will become better because of it. Life is not about sadness. It’s about learning, loving and elevating.

It’s also important to confirm for yourself that this is real — you need to know your life is not happenstance. Reflect on portions of your life, large and small, and do your best to make sense of them. How do those portions of your life fit into the person you are today and more importantly, the person you wish to become? What brings you joy and lights you up? How can you elevate or maximize those gifts to be of greater service to others? What is it that you need to improve upon in order to walk in your purpose and be all that you were created to be?

Navigating the world like you’re meant to fulfill your life’s purpose allows you to focus on maximizing yourself and staying prepared. You can’t always choose when you win but you have to be ready to win. That readiness is up to you.

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