This Woman’s Work: Karrueche’s Slim Thick Regimen

Photo Credit: Hypebeast

Photo Credit: Hypebeast

“I’m tryna be skinny.. and tryna be thick at the same time, you feel me,” Karrueche Tran joked in a tweet in March. Fast forward to this past April and Tran posted a collage revealing her progression from 2013’s “lil sad booty” to 2017’s more toned physique, crediting her trainers Jude Philippe Lamour and Mario Guevara for her growth and giving slim thick hopefuls more of a reason to stay the course.

Tran, resident “itty bitty committee” member may be short in stature (she stands at  5’1″) but her workout regimen packs a big punch. She likes to switch her workout routine up, whether she’s suspended in the air for TRX or toning her lower body with squats and lunges. One quick scroll through her Instagram and you’re sure to click on the workout videos and bikini pics nestled between images of the aspiring actress’ Hollywood outings and entrepreneurial endeavors (and let’s not bypass her glowing skin selfies!).

“I try to diet, in which it lasts maybe all of four days and then I’m eating burgers and pizza,” Karrueche told FOX News Magazine. “But I have been working with a trainer who has been helping me maintain my body.” Tran’s trainers show her no mercy in the gym and despite some of the “KILLER” workouts, the Only For One Night actress takes it in stride.

If you’re a petite-sized gal determined to make your way to the slim thick club (or just want a chiseled frame), her sweat. grabbed a few fitness tips from Karrueche’s IG to serve as inspiration for your fitness journey.

No workout is complete without a workout playlist

When speaking to Complex’s Emily Oberg about her fitness routine, Karrueche offers up her favorite artist to listen to when hitting the gym: Future. It’s no secret that the production behind some of Future’s cuts are just as popular as the Instagram-worthy lines he spits and the two combined on wax make for the perfect boost for Tran’s “high-energy” workout.

Up the ante with TRX

If traditional gym equipment and workout moves aren’t stimulating enough for you, incorporating TRX into your weekly routine should do the trick. TRX (the yellow and black straps dangling in your local gym) is used for several different reasons but it mainly forces you to use your weight to work out your entire body. With just two straps and a few hours in the gym, you can create a slew of exercises that help strengthen your muscles and boost your endurance.

Parks may be the ultimate playground for kids and dogs to let loose but it can be just as fun for you to do your fitness routine. Monkey bars for pull ups and endless space for cardio workouts, need I say more? Karrueche and trainer Mario Guevara took advantage of a local Los Angeles park as Kae did multiple sets of walking lunges, shuttle runs and plank leg raises (among other exercises).


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The more weights the better

Karreuche’s workout videos proves that the petite multi-hyphenate isn’t afraid to increase the intensity of a routine. To kick the difficulty level up a notch, trainer Mario Guevara added a weight vest and ankle weights to Tran’s leg day routine causing her to “almost die halfway through this workout” but as the saying goes: no pain, no gain.


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Kick start the week with a workout

For some, Sundays are reserved for rest, pampering and planning for the upcoming week. For Karrueche, there are no days off. Karrueche kicked off her Sunday morning routine on the hack squat machine. Hack squats mainly target the lower body by strengthening your quadriceps and glutes, and can give you chiseled legs like Tran’s.


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Find a holy grail pair of workout sneakers

In almost every workout video or picture on Tran’s IG, you will find her laced up in her trusty ol’ neon green Nike Air Presto FlyKnit. Finding the perfect yet chic pair of kicks to rock in the gym is easier said than done. Sure, comfort is one of the main deciding factors but price, durability and features have to be taken into consideration as well. Everyone’s shoe game needs an upgrade every now-and-then and Karrueche’s holy grail sneakers just might be the addition you never knew you needed.


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