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Pushing yourself to fulfill your potential requires action spiritually, mentally, emotionally and, most of all, physically. And Meagan Good knows this all too well.

Swipe through Good’s Instagram and you’ll find a barrage of fitspirational hashtags like #FaithWithoutWORKSIsDead. The mantra, which references Bible verse James 2:17, is rooted into the actress’ everyday life. “I don’t want to just be mentally, emotionally and #Spiritually ready for whatever God wants to use me for,” she wrote in an IG caption. “I also want to be physically ready so I can count on my body to take me where it needs to go.”

We probably can’t afford to train with the fitness junkie’s trainer, Mike T (a.k.a. “The Body Sculptor”), and his all-star cast of trainees (he trains Taraji P. Henson, Angela Simmons, Laurieann Gibson), but we can definitely learn a gym trick or two from Good’s robust workout routine.

Check out Meagan Good’s workout regimen below.

Unleash your inner badass with martial arts

Taking your workout routine to new heights can be very rewarding in the long run. Doubling as a self-defense class and full body workout, Taekwondo is typically leg-centered (great for an alternative exercise for leg day!) and helps to strengthen your muscles with each move you perform. Meagan Good increases the intensity of her Taekwondo workout by sinking into a squat hold as she balances her weight atop a Bosu Ball.


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Go to war with battle ropes

Tucked away by a wall in your local gym is where you’ll find battle ropes, and as merciless as the ropes are, they’re the perfect exercise for toning your arms, shoulders and legs. Switching up the movement of the ropes and adding a few jumps in between waves is another way to push your limits in order to get the most out of your workout.


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Hips don’t lie

It hurts to look good, but Meagan Good makes it look easy. To strengthen her core and carve out her six-pack, Meagan doesn’t stick to the average crunches. Instead, she alternates between leg lift hip raises (yes, at the same time) and other crunch variations to sculpt and tone her midsection.


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Step your game up with gliding discs

Looking to increase the difficulty of any of your workouts? Look no further than gliding discs. Gliding discs can be used to strengthen your entire body including hamstrings, quadriceps, arms and core. Expanding her already intense range of workout routines, Meagan Good adds the circular exercise tool to increase her stability.


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Don’t resist resistance bands

Creating workouts with resistance bands are a lot more convenient since you can do the exercises almost anywhere. From the busy-bodies to the homebodies, the portable exercise accessory is broke-girl friendly and can give you a full body workout. Turn your workout up a notch by infusing squats and lunges. Your glutes will thank you!


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Use the buddy system

When Meagan Good isn’t killing her workout routines solo, she’s often accompanied by her sister La’Miya Good or her husband DeVon Franklin. Good and Franklin are the epitome of #powercoupledgoals when they hit the gym together, and their support for one another gives us all the feels. Whether they’re spotting each other or doing box jump routines, the couple constantly pushes each other to go harder, celebrating their victories with a peck or two (or three) between workouts.


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