Mental Fitness: 7 Exercises To Strengthen Your Brain



As we age, we often believe our brains aren’t what they used to be but that’s quite the opposite. Taking the role as the command center in the body, the brain continues to learn new habits and ideas everyday. Just as physical activity does the body good, strengthening exercises for the brain are also a major key.

Neurobic activities stimulate various parts of the brains, targeting your auditory, visual and adrenal cortex areas that help you gain new skills and powers you never knew existed. Like any workout, breaking daily routines with activities like shopping at the supermarket, listening to new music or stretching every morning are just a few neurobic exercises that help strengthen memory and allow you to become more in tune with your emotional circuits. Rack your brain with these mental exercises below.

1. Massage Your Temple

Over time, we’ve been able to digest a number of images thanks to our optic nerves. The nerves help us create new memories and keep us focused on binge-watching Orange Is The New Black or scrolling through headlines on our Twitter feeds. A great way to keep the mental momentum going is to dive into mental relaxation.

Try temple massages, which helps improve blood circulation from the optic nerves, transporting visual information from the retina to the brain. Using your hands, massage your temples (the side of your head behind the eyes) and keep your eyes closed for five to ten minutes. Remember to breathe as normal and massage gently. It’s a great exercise to do as soon as you wake up in the morning. Think of it as “stretching your eyes.”

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