Michelle Obama’s 4 Best Fitness Moments

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

While Michelle Obama may no longer carry the official title of First Lady of the United States (insert crying face emoji here), the spirit of her Let’s Move! campaign to help prevent childhood obesity and encourage families to get active remains. 

Throughout the past eight years of her husband Barack Obama’s presidency, the “girl from the Southside” has championed healthier meals for students in American public schools, flexed her green thumb by planting the White House Kitchen Garden and even slapped on her workout gear to reveal her own exercise routine.

Below, her sweat. looks back on the graceful FLOTUS’ most fitspirational moments.

Michelle Obama Issues #GimmeFive Challenge

Mrs. Obama celebrated the fifth anniversary of her “Let’s Move!” campaign with a kickass #GimmeFive challenge, where she boxes, jumps rope, squats and lifts weights for a heart rate-boosting routine. 

Michelle Obama Breaks Down the “Evolution of Mom Dancing”

During a 2013 Tonight Show segment to promote her “Let’s Move!” campaign, Michelle teamed with host Jimmy Fallon to demonstrate the evolution of “Mom Dancing.” Fallon and the former FLOTUS hit the Dougie, the “out of sync Electric Slide” and even the hand isolations from Beyonce’s well-known “Single Ladies” choreography. 

No stranger to busting a move or three, Michelle has also cut a rug at the annual Easter Egg Roll and on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Michelle Obama Spills About Her Fitness to Prevention 


In a November 2011 interview with Prevention, Michelle confessed she was a “closet jock” whose lifestyle changed once she had her first daughter, Malia. She also offered her definition of happiness, lessons about healthy living she learned from her mother, her relationship with food and her go-to routine.

“Well, running on the treadmill is after I’m done,” she said. “I’ll do intervals because I don’t run long and those are a killer, so I’m always happy when I’m finished … I enjoy arm exercises because you can actually see what it’s hitting.”

Michelle Obama Receives Fencing Lesson from Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad


Photo Credit: AP

Last April, Michelle Obama clashed foam swords with Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad for the 100 Day Countdown event in Times Square, New York. Muhammad was the first woman to compete in the Olympics while wearing a hijab. Obama also participated in other activities, like passing drills with kids, and other Olympians and Paralympians ahead of the 2016 Rio games. 

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