Nicki Minaj’s 12 Most Clever NBA Raps



Nicki Minaj is a master at stringing together basketball references. Whether she’s name-dropping a Miami Heat baller, biggin’ up her hometown team, the New York Knicks, or bragging about the size of her bank account, her wordplay is the real MVP. With the official NBA season tipping off tonight, her sweat. rounded up not only The Pinkprint lyricist’s hottest basketball raps, but also her most workout-ready jams. Refresh your b-ball knowledge and press play below.

Sports bar: “Even if you was Curry, bitch, there’s still a LeBron / But let’s face it, I’m Curry with rings like LeBron / Added my rings up, that’s Mike Jordan”
Jam: “Don’t Hurt Me,” DJ Mustard feat. Nicki Minaj

Sports bar: “All these bitches is my sons / And I ain’t talking ’bout Phoenix”
Jam: “Did It On Em,” Nicki Minaj

Sports bar: “All you hoes crying / Christopher Bosh”
Jam: “Roman Reloaded,” Nicki Minaj feat. Lil Wayne

Sports bar: “I-I do balls, Dal Mavericks”
Jam: “Feeling Myself,” Nicki Minaj feat. Beyoncé

Sports bar: I don’t fuck with you niggas, I own the Clippers / I own some homes, I own my own liquor / Bitches is bitter, my titties is bigger,you bitches my sons, I need a babysitter / I am the dream, on the dream teamI am Olajuwon, I am Hakeem / Dul Jabbar, I am Kareem, I am the Queen, because I’m a machine”
Jam: “Yasss Bish,” Nicki Minaj feat. Soulja Boy

Sports bar: “They want that union, they want that D-Wade / I tell a ho, ‘Just be happy they getting leeway'”
Jam: “Want Some More,” Nicki Minaj

Sports bar: “I beg your pardon, meet me at the Garden / Number one draft, I’m New York’s pick / And I don’t lose like them dudes on the New York Knicks”
Jam: “Click Clack,” Nicki Minaj

Sports bar: You should follow my example — bitch, i.e. / Cuz I’m front row, Isaac Mizrahi / In the truck but I ain’t suck diznayee / All these hoes wanna get like me / Get their own speakers and some prose like me / When I’m at the game, all the pros like me
Jam: “Get Like Me,” Nelly feat. Nicki Minaj and Pharrell

Sports bar: “Spur of the moment I ball like Ginobili you bitches get D’ed up on / You mad at me go get mad at your nigga ‘fore I put my sneakers on / He cop me this wrist game, now it’s just us at the Knicks game”
Jam: “Big Daddy,” Nicki Minaj feat. Meek Mill

Sports bar: “I told ’em Nicki be chilling, I’mma keep hurting they feelings / Because you’ll never be Jordan you couldn’t even be Pippen”
Jam: “The Boys,” Nicki Minaj feat. Cassie

Sports bar: “I only argue with him when the Lakers on / Other than that I’m getting my Marc Jacobs on”
Jam: “Right By My Side,” Nicki Minaj feat. Chris Brown

Sports bars: “Ballin like Van Gundy / Alligator heels on, Crocodile Dundee”
Jam: “Ponytail,” Mya feat. Nicki Minaj

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