Nike’s #BetterForIt Campaign Nails Every Woman’s Workout Thoughts


It’s an unspoken truth that women can be hard on themselves, especially when it comes to fitness. Nike captured this mentality perfectly in its latest commercial, spotlighting different ladies (a yogi; a spinner sitting behind a row of models; a marathon runner) trying to ignore that annoying voice inside (face it, we all have one) who constantly says “I can’t.”

For women just beginning their athletic journey, the campaign called #BetterForIt hits close to home. How many times have you hit the gym and lifted weights you thought were puny in comparison to the bodybuilder going H-A-M next to you? Ever felt like your flexibility was all out of whack during a Bikram yoga session? Let’s not forget that time you tried to do 10 burpees but were only able to do a strong three and felt like a failure for it. Luckily, Nike is turning all that negative B.S. into a super motivator.

“It’s about “powering [women] to be better through services, product innovation and athlete inspiration, motivating each other to push to the next level,” the company tells Ad Week.

After airing its first spot called “Inner Thoughts” during Sunday night’s MTV Movie Awards (April 12), Nike has begun to roll out inspiring visuals to keep the #fitspiration flowing.

“Don’t let you stop you,” reads the video description. “If you’ve got the drive to get better, Nike Women has the tools and gear to help you do it.”

Get motivated below.

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