Throw It In The Bag: 9 Cozy Garments To Wear In Public Post Workout



There’s a fine line between chic activewear and being completely underdressed.

Yes, a world where sweatpants are worn for every occasion is a world worth living in. But most on-the-go lifestyles call for more than Nike Tech Fleece sweats and hoodie. After all, what CEO can take you seriously in a pair of Jordan flip flops?

Though you feel like a champ after you’ve overcome post-workout burn, it’s best to slip into a cozy, no-fuss ensemble that doesn’t look like you just ran the Brooklyn Half Marathon.

Before leaving the gym, toss your sports bra and adorn your fit bod in one of these nine pieces.

Hard Tail Racer Back Scoop Dress, $106

When a grocery store run is on your post-workout to-do list, slip on this hip-flattering frock. The fiber technology hugs your curves and provides a cotton-like softness, unlike the hassle of denim jeans. Keep your sneakers on for this casual ‘fit.

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