Lil’ Titties: Princess Nokia Bigs Up Her Body In ‘Tomboy’



Fat bellies and little titties have never been so lit. In her latest musical offering aptly titled “Tomboy,” New York-bred femcee Princess Nokia (née Destiny Nicole Frasqueri) spits about being a lady who’s not ashamed of her tiny frame or mannish ways.

My little titties be booking cities all around the world,” Nokia raps with venom, citing Timbs and gold hoops as her uniform of choice. “I’m a Calvin Klein model, come and get me.

Considering how rapidly women are categorized by body type or deemed unladylike because of their style of dress, this song deserves a major salute for doubling as a feel-good body image anthem and a Friday jam.

Watch as this Nuyorican and her boyish crew show off their torsos, sports bras and skateboards around the Lower East Side. FYI, they even fit in a soccer game and a few sit-ups.

Photo Credit: YouTube

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