The Champ Is Here: Ronda Rousey On Fighting In Heels And Favorite Beach Workouts


Ronda Rousey doesn’t look like the armbar assassin UFC Stans see in the Octagon. The undefeated bantamweight champion is draped in a flowy, bright orange dress and strappy nude sandals with her hair in a braided up-do, almost glistening under the sun at California’s Catalina Island, which has transformed into Bud Light’s party town destination, Whatever, USA, for the weekend (May 29 – 30).

She knew she’d win over UFC President Dana White, who claimed women would “never” fight in the mixed martial arts organization to TMZ cameras in 2011. Now, Ronda has changed the game (literally) and is the hardest athlete to escape.

Shero You Should Know: UFC’s Ronda Rousey

Sit through The Expendables 3, Furious 7 and Entourage (which hits theatres today) and Ronda makes an appearance, either kicking ass in heels or simply, kicking ass. While the 5-foot-7 shero is a 2008 Olympic judo bronze medalist, she also boasts an undefeated 11-0-0 record and can beat her adversaries in less than 16 seconds. Still not impressed? She also penned My Fight/ Your Fight, which sold 10,000 copies its first week of release.

In between her book tour, parasailing and the Entourage premiere in Los Angeles, Rousey booked a helicopter to Whatever, USA and chatted with her sweat. about her latest page-turner, Hollywood and go-to workout moves on the beach.

Photo Credit: Buffalo David Bitton

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