Her Sweat Story: Wilhelmina Models Creative Services Director Rory Roth on Her Journey Back To Wellness


Rory RothRory Roth knows all too well how fast life comes at you.

While juggling a fast-paced marketing job and dealing with the death of her father, the exec battled with a bout of depression and understandably dropped the ball on keeping up with her cardio. A self-proclaimed emotional eater, Roth began snacking more and going out less.

“I wasn’t totally happy with what I was doing, and I wasn’t totally taking care of my body,” she tells her sweat. “I wasn’t eating fast food, but I was eating sandwiches and going to Whole Foods and Target to load up on what I thought was OK snacks. But since I was staying in a lot, I was eating the whole bag of Goldfish or I’d get half-fat ice cream and eat the entire thing. There was nothing stopping me.”

After a hiking excursion (think Reese Witherspoon in Wild) and becoming the new Creative Services Director at Wilhelmina Models—she oversees marketing, communications and social media for 3,000 models and each headquarter (New York, Miami, LA, Chicago and London)—the 5’2″ lady boss has refocused her approach to healthy living. Though her busy schedule varies, she prioritizes her workouts with the help of a motto we all can subscribe to: “Let’s seize the day because I want to go to a rooftop and get drinks after this.”

her sweat. caught up with the fun-loving fit queen to learn how hiking was the first step to finding her way back to health, how modeling molded her new outlook on body image and wellness, and why having a partner-in-fitness is a major key.

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