Morning Muse: She’s Beauty And The Beast’s ‘Pursuit Of Squat City’


In 2011, Drake saluted his Young Money cohort, Nicki Minaj, on the Take Care track “We’ll Be Fine,” featuring Birdman. While ticking off his list of evaporated worries, Drizzy gave props to Onika for copping a new house: “Heard Nicki just bought a brand new crib/ Goddamn, man, she’s beauty and the beast (Lord).”

Four years later, on-air edutainer, Tracy G., of Sway In The Morning, has borrowed the Drake line for “She’s Beauty And The Beast,” a haven of audio vision boards for all badass women.

Take it away, Tray:

Physical wellness is my April centerpiece since you know, warmer weather equals lesser clothes lol.

Of course, getting our personal aesthetics to our personal liking, is usually the goal, but that’s just the surface. What we tell ourselves on the journey from want to get, is what makes the difference.

Mindset is the gas and #ShesBeautyAndTheBeast is the station.

As you pursue the highest level of physical, mental and emotional wellness, allow this SoundCloud of bliss titled “The Pursuit Of Squat City (Vol. 2)” to lift your thoughts and actions higher.

Fav lines: “I am gentle with myself when hitting reset, and know sweat is a sign of change to come/ I am moving more and bitching less.”

Get to listening below.

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