Spring Forward: Workout Essentials For The Badass Fitness Junkie



Let’s face it. Spring is practically here and your summer body may not have fully developed. But before you’re ready to take on an intense fitness regimen (and potentially turn your drab lifestyle into an active one), you need to pack your from-work-to-the-gym bag with the the myriad of items you need to get fit and look fly. So after you snatch up each of these must-haves, focus on the gains.


the bag.

Ditch your bookbag or your obsessive need to cram your workout gear into your oversized purse. Sure your method has held up for not, and even your banged up duffle has served you well, but no (Beyonce voice). Now’s the time to dedicate a carry-all to your fitness adventures.


1. Herschel Ravine Duffle, $65

Looks like a man’s bag at first glance, but it’s just as good as perfect for women. What’s best is that it doubles as a weekend bag, in case is feeling frisky after fitness.


2. Nike Graphic Reversible Tote, $35

Dubbing this bag “ol’ faithful” is an understatement. Taking up lockers in fitness spaces for years, this tote is a go-to for the junkies who love to just stuff and go!


3. Nike FormFlux Tote Bag, $175

The gym bag that keeps on giving, this tote boasts on-fleek wet and dry compartments for the organization lovers.


4. Under Armour Gotta Have It Tote, $53

Your hair straightener and your laptop all fit in the same bag. And if you need anymore reason to cop this ASAP, it’s stylish enough to hang around from day to night.

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