9 Exercises to Get Your Stomach on Flat Flat This Summer


Bikini season or not, we’re all guilty of going a little bit harder in the gym come springtime to prepare for the season of “wearing less and going out more.” It’s no secret that working towards a toned physique isn’t an easy feat. We clock in a few sessions at the gym but slack when it comes to our dieting, or we start a healthy eating regime but can’t quite get out of bed for that morning run. In order to achieve our fitness goals—you know, razor-cut abs like Teyana Taylor—we must be willing to put in the work.

Crunches may be the OG of abdominal exercises, but it’s hardly the only one that will help slim down your stomach. Shameless Maya’s flat stomach workout routine features a variety of beginner-friendly ways to workout your midriff, and the beauty about these workouts is that they don’t require gym access.

Instead of jumping straight into some traditional crunches, tighten up your core as you position yourself into a plank. With all your weight on your forearms and legs, planks help strengthen not only your abdominal area but your arms and legs. Boost your level of difficulty by spreading your legs a bit wider and stretching each arm out (while maintaining your balance) for plank reachouts, suggests her trainer-slash-boyfriend Bryan Clemons.

Feel the burn yet? Well your core is bound to be on fire by the time you reach the hip raises, where you lay down on your side, place your feet together and raise your legs about six inches off the ground. For a high energy workout, test your agility with a few minutes of mountain climbers, which challenges your upper arms, abdominal and legs.

By changing your diet and attacking this killer core routine consistently , your stomach will be on flat flat sooner than you think. Press play above to see all 9 exercises. 

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