The 6-Song Stairs Workout You Need To Do All Summer ’16


Here’s the thing: We don’t all have 90 minutes to spare for a spin class. Sure, it’s well worth the cardio, but sometimes a stacked schedule means barely squeezing in a solid 30-minute sweat sesh before jetting off to the next thing on your ever-growing to-do list. For that reason, short and sweet workouts like Aja Dang’s stair routine is perfect for the on-the-go gal who wants to stay fit in a time crunch. You’ll only need two things: a fire six-song playlist and a set of stairs. And of course, lace yourself in some fly gym gear ’cause you’ll be glistening with perspiration by playlist’s end.

The stair master’s workout includes six straight-to-the-point booty and leg-toning exercises. First up, the Single Step, which requires a quick-feet motion on every step. Double it up by doing the same move on every other step. Next, tackle the Side Step Crossover by crossing the lower foot over the higher foot and maintaining a squat position.

By the time your fourth song plays, your legs will be “like jello,” but stay the course to ensure a thorough workout. Power through to the Double Step Leg Raise, which is sure to tone your glutes, and finish with the Single Step Jump Squat and Double Step Jump Squat. “Hop lightly and concentrate on proper squat form,” instructs Dang.

All summer ’16 you’ll want to fit in this stair workout to both enjoy the weather and fit in a time-friendly workout even when you’re on the run. Dang does one exercise per song, but feel free to put your playlist on repeat if your next appointment cancels on you.

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