This Woman’s Work: Sage Steele’s Quickie Workout


Not only does Sage Steele have the perfect TV name, the curly-haired sportscaster (formerly of SportsCenter and currently on NBA Countdown) also keeps her bod in tip-top shape by fitting in a quickie workout wherever she is, despite an insane travelling schedule.

“It’s funny. When I’m on the road, I let loose a little bit more. I’m not as good as I should be with my workout regimen,” she said of her morning routine. “But what I have been really good at recently is getting up, checking emails, returning what I need to return, getting a quick breakfast, and then going straight to the gym.”

Luckily, Sage Steele clued her sweat. into her workout tricks that are not only portable but take all of 10 minutes.

Flip through the gallery below.

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