6 Tips To Staying Hydrated Throughout The Day



Before Beyoncé had us thirsting for lemonade, she inspired us to drink a gallon of water a day (with lemon). When Bey lets you in on a beauty secret, you get in formation, no questions asked. But even though lady celebs like her champion the simple act as the number one health solution, it’s much harder to guzzle down a gallon than running the world.

On average, women should be taking in about 91 ounces of water to stay hydrated instead of the commonly excepted 128 ounces (eight glasses) per day. If you’re squeezing in sweat sessions on the reg, you may actually need to consume roughly 200 ounces to stay hydrated. That doesn’t include only sipping on Aquafina, though. Moisture-rich foods count toward your daily water intake as well.

Don’t push the limits of the recommended amount as it can lead to overhydration symptoms and even death. The upside? Keeping your water intake all the way up can provide a slew of beauty and health benefits. Besides the weight loss benefits, drinking larger amounts of H2O a day promotes skin hydration, less acne woes and higher energy to flex throughout the day.

Po’ up and drank a gallon of water a day with these tips.

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