His Sweat: Trey Songz’ “Intermission” Workout


Trey Songz has given ladies VIP tickets to his gun show during these last few years (start that clip at 3:33 and thank us later). Since evolving from scrawny Virginia-bred crooner to “Oh Na Na” sex symbol, Mr. Steal Yo Girl has beefed up his brown-skinned bod and created an irresistible, lean physique. But a beautifully sculpted canvas like that don’t come easy.

“It takes a lot of life outta you but it gives you so much energy back,” he says of his intense workouts. “I like the feeling it gives me, like being healthy and being energized afterwards.”

In his latest documentary The Intermission, Trey not only takes his fans behind the scenes of his “Between The Sheets” tour but zooms in on his sweat sessions in the gym. (Um, thank you, God). So before her sweat. cuts back to regularly scheduled women-centric workouts. Take note of how Trigga manages to stay (deliciously) ripped.

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